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Your teeth are incredibly sensitive which is why you just do not want anyone going in their prodding around. Our team knows that the secret to a strong set of teeth is through gentle practices. This is why we have perfected a form of dentistry that is unlike anything you are familiar with. Our actions speak louder than our words, so come let us take a crack at that smile!

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Routine Dental Exams and Check ups at 30$.

We know hearing the word dentist can make some bank accounts freeze up. This can be an expensive venture that can do much damage to one's wallet. But we do not believe that having a bright smile should cost a fortune. Our services are reliable and affordable.

We accept every major credit card and even cash. You can find us on all of the review websites if you want to know what we are all about. We have never in our entire life had a bad customer review. Out of five stars, we have six. Don’t believe us? Just check.

What we do


Regular cleaning is the option that we offer to all of our clients. Here we just do a basic cleaning of all of your teeth. This is not a checkup.


Routine check-up for those who have not had one in a while. You come in, we give you your checkup and a regular cleaning is also attached.


Youth cleaning for those who are under the age of twelve. Our baby teeth do not all fall out until that age, which is why we have a different approach for our younger clientele.


VNot only do we do cleanings but we also offer braces services. We can hook you up and handle everything in house. Not only will you get your teeth cleaned but you can also make sure they are straight.


Root canals are the worst but sometimes they are a necessity and we offer the services to get them done the right way.


We offer all types of oral surgeries and can remove a tooth the moment we spot a problem. No need to outsource or go somewhere else, we can handle everything in house.


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