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Goodie Bags

Goodies For Everyone

You know how at the end of a haircut for a little kid, they sometimes bring out a bowl of lollipops, which is the incentive for being good during the haircut? That same principle applies at the dentist, but you are definitely not getting a lollipop. Fun fact, I offered the suggestion to a dentist that he should offer jawbreakers after because it will bring his patients back faster. He declined. Kids or adults, you are going to go home with a goodie bag.


I will not tell you how valuable the mini toothpastes are. Ever since the terror attack in the airport that led to the 3 ounce liquid rule, finding travel size toothpastes has been paramount for me. It is really not that much money, so I should not complain so much, but it saves me a trip to CVS when I hoard the toothpastes I get from my dental goodie bags. Thank us later.


How many times have you gone to the dentist and had him or her tell you that you need to floss more? It is practically the script for when the dentist first starts inspecting your teeth. That is why at the end of every visit, you get to go home with a new case of floss to make your teeth a little bit better. Ask your dentist if they have those individual flossers because they are much easier to use.


This should just come essential because it is the obvious tool associated with your teeth. Dentists want to make sure that you are replacing your toothbrush too because a lot of people forget to do so. It is something that you use every day, hopefully twice, so you should make sure that you have a good one. Getting this one is a good reminder to chuck the other one.

Appointment Card

A smart dentist knows that this is not the last time you will be seeing each other. For regular checkups, you should be going to the dentist twice a year, so most dentists leave an appointment card in the goodie bag that is printed that day and tells you to come back six months later, with the date you should come back printed. You might choose to schedule something right then or you can wait and do it closer to the date.


Most dentists are not big fans of chewing gum as a way to freshen your breath, but they know that a lot of people need the crutch. Instead of gum, mints are a simple way to pop a quick breath freshener and be confident that your mouth is not giving off a stench. You should be brushing and flossing anyway, so bad breath is on you, but if you need the boost, mints are your friend.

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