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Orthodontics and Dental Filling


The primary function of orthodontics is to straighten your teeth, which many people know is done via braces. This contraption in your mouth will pull your teeth into the right places over time. You can get braces at any age, although most of the time, parents try to get their kids in braces for their late elementary or middle school years to get it out of the way. It takes a long time, but your smile will look way better.

Problems with Braces

The issue that many people have with the metal braces in your mouth is the annoyance of having it in there. You can scrape your inner lip up on the metal some times, break the rubber bands holding it all together, or accidentally break the metal and require another expensive and long trip to the orthodontist. Adults tend to avoid these braces because they are highly visible and a bit embarrassing.

Invisible Braces

In the case that you do not want your braces to show, there are multiple options available for invisible braces, which are clear trays that are shaped to your mouth. These are removable as well, so you can take them out for a big meeting or somewhere you might not want them in. That said, it is recommended that you keep them in for at least 22 hours a day, which does not leave you much wiggle room. The process requires a series of trays that take you towards straight teeth, usually changing every 2-4 weeks.

Problems with Invisible Braces

As invisible braces are removable, the first concern is that you will lose them. The smart person would say that you should just never remove them, which would be great if that was possible. Whenever you eat something, you need to remove the braces. If you like to snack, this is going to be a bother. Before you put them back on, you should make sure your teeth are clean, so you either have to overbrush or have stuff stuck inside with the braces. They also require a bit of cleaning and maintenance, which is an annoyance.


One of the common things that you get as your teeth are used are cavities. These are just as they sound and are usually tiny holes in your teeth that require mirrors and magnification to see. They usually just cause a bit of pain and discomfort, but the structural integrity is also weakened, so your teeth are more likely to chip or break. When the dentist spots the problem, it is usually fixed with a simple procedure.


As there is a hole in the tooth, you need to fill it. Back in the day, the fillings were silver or gold and people sometimes stole the fillings out of others mouths. These days, fillings are designed to look the same porcelain color as the tooth, so you look like nothing ever happened. After some slight drilling and shaving of the tooth, which is usually painless, the dentist applies a filling and a bonding agent. Bada bing, bada boom, your tooth is back to new.

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