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Tounge Scraping

Don’t Forget the Tongue

When you are brushing your teeth, a lot of people forget that you are not just supposed to follow the exact phrasing and do nothing else. You are actually supposed to brush more than your teeth. It is a good idea to also clean your gums and the roof of your mouth, which also grow bacteria. Finally, you need to remember the tongue, which is touching almost everything that goes in your mouth.

What Does Tongue Scraping Mean?

Your tongue builds up stuff over the course of each day that is not removed by simply swishing your saliva around. When this builds up, you can have bacteria forming that cause bad breath and other issues. To scrape the tongue, you are removing this layer of bacteria and excess from your mouth and leaving only the clean mouth behind.

How Often Should You Get This Done?

You can really do this as much or as little as you want to. This is not something that is standard with every recommended checkup, so it is really just something to do when you feel it is necessary for yourself. Usually, that comes when you are feeling like your breath is bad and you want to refresh things. It is really up to you and at your discretion.

Mind Body Links

Other than the benefit of cleaning your mouth and improving your breath, tongue scraping goes back to India’s ancient Ayurvedic remedies for the mouth. The mouth is seen as one of the main gateways between your body and the environment, so maintaining the health of your mouth also serves to maintain your connection with the environment around you.

Why Is This Important?

Ultimately, that is really your choice to make, but the reason that most people are seeking out tongue scrapings is that they are not happy with their bad breath, or more likely, someone they know is not happy with their bad breath. To get around those issues, you can use this as a way to refresh yourself and get a clean start on your breath again.

Can’t I Just Do This At Home?

Honestly, yes you can. If this is part of your everyday brushing routine already, than you are one step ahead of the game anyway. The things that you should remember are that you should not put too much pressure on your tongue or do this too much or too hard. You can do damage on your own, so be safe or make sure to see your dentist if things start looking a weird color.

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