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Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to use all the information that you have submitted to this page. We have partners who we work with and can deliver them any information that you have supplied. We know that you will enjoy working with these partners because they are our affiliates and have been vetted. They provide services that we cannot for a decent price. You can thank us later.


Our lenient scheduling is reliant on you as a customer. There is a two-hour range for those who want to cancel an appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment within two hours you will be faced with a $300 cancellation fee. All of these fees are able to be challenged, and for the most part, we overturn them. We know that emergencies come up and will not take a dime out of your bank account until we have spoken with you.


You must be insured in order to receive our services. We do not work with patients who do not have some sort of insurance. If you are currently uninsured and want to use our services we can recommend a few affordable options. But until you are covered we can not work on your teeth.

Surgeon Certification

All of our surgeons are certified and covered under state law. They have degrees and have been working in the industry for years. You can rest assured that you are working with the absolute best in the area when you work with Drjtvt.

In Case of Emergency

We have EMTs on sight in case anything goes wrong in surgery. These individuals are covered by our insurance and have their EMT certification. They will be on stand by in case anything happens while you are in surgery. We offer all types of anesthesia for you to use when it is time for surgery. The choice is up to you but at the recommendation of your surgeon.

Freak Occurrence Risk

When you get surgery from Drjtvt you must sign a release form that lets you know that we do not take responsibility if something goes wrong. In surgery, anything can happen although we do everything in our power to prevent bad things from happening. Sometimes things happen that are not under our control and we do not take responsibility for those types of freak occurrences.


Before you can work with a Drjtvt professional you must sing a release form that states you will not sue unless we are negligent. We know that things happen, and we also know that we only work with the best so that their is no negligence. But in the case that does happen, you have every right to sue. All of our surgeries are recorded so that if anything should go wrong the evidence can be used in court.

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