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Tooth Restoration NYC


Root Canal and Teeth Whitening

Do you need a root canal or a teeth whitening? We got you covered. We have experts who have been doing root canals since before you knew were familiar with root canals. Just kidding. Our teeth whitening experts are responsible for some of the brightest smiles you have ever seen in your life. You will be shining bright like a diamond when we are through with you.

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Orthodontics and Dental Filling

Are you sick of having crooked teeth? Embarrassed to smile in pictures? So you do that weird smirk with your lips covering your teeth? Let those bad boys loose and get them straightened with the help of one of our orthodontists. They will have your teeth straighter than race track. And you can get your teeth filled also if you are into that sort of thing.

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Tooth Extraction Treatment

Getting your tooth ripped out of your gum used to be an archaic practice. But now we have got it down to an exact science and you will not even fill a thing. At Drjtvt we know that if it’s gotta go, it has to go. This is why all of our tooth extraction experts are ready around the clock. It can be midnight on a holiday and we can come through and rip that tooth right out for you. That aching can be taking with the help of our professionals.

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Daily Routine Check-up

Although we do not recommend getting your teeth checked on every single day, if that’s what you want that’s what you will get. All jokes aside, we have a staff ready each day to give you the check-up you need. We even offer same day service with our dope app. Download and get to cracking right now with Drjtvt.

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Tounge Scraping

Bad breath is no fun for anyone. You can taste the disgusting mess in your mouth and people around you can most definitely smell it. It’s embarrassing and can literally ruin relationships, both platonic and romantic. Take care of that bad smell with one of our famous tongue scrapings. We will get right up in there and rid all of the bacteria that has been soaking. Then you will have a minty fresh breath smell.

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Gum Check

Bet you did not know that poor gum health is connected to poor heart health. You can literally have a heart attack because you have yuck mouth. That’s scary, but you can prevent it with Drjtvt. We can make sure you never have disgusting gums and that you have the tools needed to keep your gums squeaky clean now and in the future.

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Teeth X-Rays

You cannot get an x-ray anywhere else but in a dentists office. All of our x-ray machines are top of the line and give you the best look into your teeth. You might not be able to read and understand it, but our dentists can give you a real quick run down. This look inside your tooth will help you prevent anything horrible from happening.

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Goodie Bags

Every time you come into our office you will walk away with a brighter smile and a goodie bag. The bag is filled with all sorts of materials that you can use to keep that smile shining. We know you might not have time to go to the store, so we have partnered with the brands we trust the most. Dental health is made easy with Drjtvt.

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What we do


Regular cleaning is the option that we offer to all of our clients. Here we just do a basic cleaning of all of your teeth. This is not a checkup.


Routine check-up for those who have not had one in a while. You come in, we give you your checkup and a regular cleaning is also attached.


Youth cleaning for those who are under the age of twelve. Our baby teeth do not all fall out until that age, which is why we have a different approach for our younger clientele.


VNot only do we do cleanings but we also offer braces services. We can hook you up and handle everything in house. Not only will you get your teeth cleaned but you can also make sure they are straight.


Root canals are the worst but sometimes they are a necessity and we offer the services to get them done the right way.


We offer all types of oral surgeries and can remove a tooth the moment we spot a problem. No need to outsource or go somewhere else, we can handle everything in house.

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